The Shepherd’s Retreat

Beautifully Made New Shepherd’s Huts
and The Restoration of Vintage Huts

Wells Barn,
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The Shepherd’s Hut

Comfortable and secure away from the wind and rain the shepherd sits by his wood-burner looking out across the rolling hills, checking the new born lambs. Gently moving across the landscape, living with his flock.

Shepherd’s huts are an important and often forgotten part of our rural heritage, as a shelter from the elements and now as an exquisite modern retreat.

There’s something about a shepherd’s hut, something romantic, some gentle tug at the past. A comfortable wooden retreat on wheels, the shepherd’s hut is the new rural beach hut.

Get carried away and find your own piece of rural solitude in a shepherds hut.

These huts have so much character and history that they’re a real feature in any garden, but functional too. A garden studio with style. The quality of our shepherd’s huts will help to ensure these wonderful retreats are kept as part of our heritage for many years to come.

The Shepherd’s Retreat

We bring over 40 years experience in the building and country property trade to create high quality new shepherd’s huts built to traditional designs as well as restoring vintage huts. The finest materials and best modern building techniques are used to create your own personal space.

In our new shepherd’s huts we pay great attention to the details, from the cast iron wheels, forged in an Oxfordshire foundry and copied from an original set of hut wheels, to the oak axles, wood burning stoves, insulation, electrics and old wooden floors.

We offer a wide range of cladding, colours and finishes and we use specialist interior designers with their unique chalk paints. Plumbing can be fitted if required.

Telephone: 01296 670832